Office pick-up and drop

Are you tired of driving to office everyday in city traffic for long hours? Do you want to make good use of those time that you spend every day in traffic by catching up on your work, reading or sleep but still want to travel in the comfort of your own car? EziDrive will make that wish come true for you.

We offer dedicated Office Pick-up & Drop chauffeur service at Rs. 450/- per day (2 hours each for onward and return trip) wherein our professionally trained drivers will come to your door step and will drive your car for you from home to office and again back from office to home every working day. You can choose your own reporting time and select days of the week that you may need the driver for. Moreover we ensure that the same driver reports to the customer every day. In the unlikely event of the regular driver not reporting for duty, we ensure that an alternate qualified driver takes his place for that day so that there is no disruption in duty pattern.

Come and experience the Professionalism of Driving with Ezi Drive.